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agree with sb. doing sth 同意某人做某事 agree with, agree to,意思是一样的,可是用法不同,他们都是同意某件事或某个人的意见的意思。 1 agree with,的用法是这样的:agree with+doing something或者+somebody 例句:I ageree with going to...

我们一般说agree sb to do sth,而不说agree sb doing sth agree是及物动词,也是不及物动词 vt.同意;赞成;承认 vi.同意;意见一致 除了agree sb to do sth,agree做不及物动词的用法有: agree to sth:同意,允诺 agree with sb(sth):和某...

agree with sb和 agree with sth的区别 agree with sb. 同意某人的观点 with的意思是“和”,所以后面跟“人”。 【列句】I really agree with you. 我真的赞同你。 agree with sth是同意某件事,是人同意事。 【列句】I agree with your decision. ...

一、agree with sb 或 agree with what sb said. 另外 sth doesn't agree with sb 某人不喜欢 或 不适应 例句: Death is terrible. I agree with you there. 死亡很可怕。这点我同意你的观点。 二、agree to 后接 建议,计划,suggestion,advice,...

agree with①表示同意某人或某人的意见、想法、分析、解释等 (即持同一观点):I don't agree with you. 我不同意你的意见。They agreed with this idea. 他们同意这个想法。I agree with what you say. 我同意你说的。②表示“ (食物、天气、工作...

agree sb to do sth是错的。只有agree to do sth同意做某事 同意某人做某事:allow sb to to sth

对的 agree 一般后面接: agree to do sth.同意做某事 agree with sb.赞成某人意见 agree on sth.赞成某事 你的意思可以通过动名词来表达,即: agree on one's doing sth 如 I agree on his coming here late tomorrow. 谢谢采纳,欢迎追问

argue wih sb argue to sth

有的。 agree with sb to do sth 同意某人做某事 agree to do sth 同意做某事 agree with sb 同意、支持某人(观点) agree to sth 同意某事

they mean the same thing--but are used in different contexts

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