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long known For…例句

long known for 久负盛名 例句 The school, long known for its international business focus, is selling its ArizonaCampus to a for-profit education company. 这所以国际管理教育而久负盛名的学校打算将其坐落于亚利桑那州的校园出售给一...

scientists have long known that sleep, 科学家们早就知道睡眠,

D 考查时态。根据句意可知:自从她参加中文社团以来,她就认识了Dr Jackson。根据第一句的完成时时态可知她参加中文社团是过去发生的事情。

D 试题分析:句意:--你们认识很长时间了吗?--不很长,自从我们在一个公司上班。After在……之后; before在……之前; when当……时候; since自从。因为答语是省略句,完整的是:We haven known each other since we started to work in the compa...

[ ] A. it might help us in some way B. we do not yet understand plants and animals well enough C. the number of spacemen and airplane pilots is fast increasing D. we should try to live more naturally than we do now 4. Kept in ...

小题1:.A小题1:.A小题1:.A 略

capacity这里不是能力的意思,而是资质资格,是指推荐人与被推荐人认识这段时间的关系 例如是你导师,那就回答in my capacity as his/her academic supervisor/advisor

D 该句完整的句式是:I have known Dr. Jackson since she joined the Chinese Society. since后跟的时间状语从句要用一般过去时,表示自从过去某个时间发生的动作到现在以来有多长时间了。

Bob and Annie had not known each other long before they became eager to get married:Bob because he wanted Annie and she because she could at least lead a life away from her1_____. When Mrs.Thompson 2_____ that they marry and li...

C 试题分析:考查连词:A. Just after就在…后面,B. Just when就在…时候,C. Ever since自从,D. Just before就在…前面,句意:--你们认得彼此很长时间了吗?--不是,(我们认得)是自从在这个学校学习以来。这句话的主句We have known each ot...

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