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上帝在他的天堂,所有的权利... ————用心为你答题,满意请采纳。

我的理解是 上帝就是在天堂,一切权利都给了人~ 好像就是那种不要什么都指望上帝~ 要为自己负责的意思吧~

God's in his heaven. All's right with the world! 上帝在他的天堂里,整个世界都是那么美好! 这是英国诗人罗伯特.伯朗宁的诗歌Pippa's Song: The year's at the spring 一年之计在于春, And day's at the morn; 一日之计在于晨. Morning's a...

歌曲名:Awesome God 歌手:Michael W. Smith 专辑:Decades of Worship Awesome God Michael W. Smith Oh when He rolls up his sleeves he ain't just puttin' on the ritz, Our God is an awesome God. There is thunder in his footsteps and l...

god cares for you,he has you in the pa...的中文翻译 god cares for you,he has you in the palm of his hand,talk to him,he is 神眷顾你,他用你在手心,和他说话,他是

My Love--WestLife (西域成名金曲,经典老歌 ,诠释了所有经典的定义。

除了对”伯父的眼睛好像你,那么痴情!伯母好幸福!呵呵! ”这一句,其他句子我保持原意,逐字逐句的翻完了,如果你有什么疑问,发消息给我 Greetings! I ...

There is only one God,and his name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death:"Not today." 世上只有一个神,死亡,面对他时...

He is God! So if you resist his claim,feel no admiration for his infinite power and authority, and turn finally to seek satisfaction from thrills that allow you to be your own master, then you will be executed for treason in th...

he is good at English . he always helps his classmates with their lessons. 他擅长英语.他总是帮助他的同学们学习英语.

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